Legionella analysis

FISH colony hybridisation

A new service/Kit which is offered by BioVisible is detection of Legionella using the FISH technique. In this procedure the Legionella bacteria are grown on Legionella specific plates for 1 day. The resulting micro-colonies are than stained with a Legionella specific probe which makes the Legionella bacteria fluorescent. These fluorescent bacteria can than be detected using a fluorescence microscope. The whole procedure takes less than 24 hours. This technique combines the traditional growth of Legionella bacteria on plates with the speed and accuracy of modern molecular detection techniques.

The Legionella Fast Service is only available for the Netherlands. For questions, please contact Mr. J. de Vogel: j.vogel@biovisible.com

Legionella FISH.jpg

Legionella FISH

Legionella colony, stained with FISH, 1000X

Please sent a mail to: m.rest@biovisible.com for further detailed information.