About BioVisible

BioVisible (founded 2006) is specialised in fast detection and identification of micro-organisms using molecular biological techniques.

Scope; “Research, development, analysis services, production and commercialisation of Molecular Microbial Diagnostics for detection and identification of microorganisms”.

The following activities belong to the core business activities of BioVisible:

  1. Client specific research activities on contract basis
  2. Development and sales of molecular, biological testkits, -systems and products for the detection and identification of micro-organisms.
  3. Routine analysis for third parties.
  4. Client specific implementation of developed tests & training.

RiboTechnologies Products

BioVisible sells molecular, biological testkits under the name RiboTechnologies with world-wide sales. Focus areas are intestinal micro-flora diagnosis, sepsis and environmental diagnosis. New products are developed in-house and in close cooperation with international universities and innovative companies in order to rapidly expand our business. RiboTechnologies has direct sales and a worldwide network of distributors.

BioVisible R&D

BioVisible is active in Research and Development, analysis services, production and commercialisation of Molecular Microbial Diagnostics for the detection and identification of micro organisms using a variety of molecular approaches like, FISH, DGGE or TGGE, Q-PCR or real time PCR, DNA micro array, NASBA, NGS or other molecular techniques.

Business model

BioVisible develops, 'tailor-made', advanced diagnostic tests based on DNA technology in the R&D unit. Based on the R&D developments BioVisible offers Molecular Diagnostic analysis services, mostly for the analysis of intestinal microflora and BioVisible manufactures and sells Molecular Diagnostic assays. Products are sold under the trade name RiboTechnologies™. The business model is based on a cycle where developments and questions from the market induce new developments in the R&D unit.