Research and Development


is active in Research and Development, analysis services, production and commercialisation of Molecular Microbial Diagnostics for the detection and identification of micro organisms using a variety of molecular approaches like, FISH, DGGE or TGGE, Q-PCR or real time PCR, DNA micro array, NASBA, NGS or other molecular techniques.

Gut microflora analysis services of BioVisible

BioVisible offers a unique analysis service for the evaluation of the effects of probiotics and prebiotics on Gut microflora using FISH (fluorescence in situ hybridization), (T)DGGE ((Temperature)Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis) and/or Real-time PCR, NASBA, NGS. Please contact us for more information


Ribotechnologies Testkits

BioVisible sells microbial diagnostic test-kits under the name RiboTechnologies. Our products are aimed to meet the demands of modern medical, veterinary, food, agro and environmental applications. We also offer the opportunity to provide our customers with training and implementation programs. (T(D)GGE, FISH, Q-PCR and NASBA)

Contract Research & Development

BioVisible develops, tailor-made, advanced diagnostic tests based on DNA/RNA technology.

Research & Development

BioVisible technical expertise and constant development of its used techniques is ensured by involvement of the R&D division in national and international contract research projects. Larger projects often involve co-ordinated efforts with established research organisations. Of course BioVisible also operates this unique facility for smaller scale contract research projects that may range from a few hours to several months.

Our Unique Concept

Compared to traditional microbiological methods, molecular diagnostic technology is superior in performance both with respect to reliability and speed. However, due to the high costs of R&D this technology is relatively expensive. In order to decrease these costs BioVisible R&D is embedded in a broad technology implementation program supported by national institutes and governments. As a result, BioVisible is able to develop high-end tailor-made diagnostic tests at relatively low cost. Due to an extensive network of scientific and applied research institutions, exploration periods in R&D are minimised and developments are rapidly available for standardisation.

Ribosomal RNA probes for micro-organisms can be developed on request by our R&D unit.

Customised diagnostic developments from our R&D facility are subjected to rigorous validation procedures. The close contact between R&D and Manufacturing in our organisation ensures a short product-release time. Diagnostic Research by BioVisible is driven by the demand of key-customers in core markets. The most suitable technology is selected for each program, based on specifications such as volume, speed and resolution.

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